Our Marriage Vows

Our Marriage Vows is a collection of Wedding Stationery, proudly hand-crafted with Passion, in Singapore. Designed to simplify and alleviate wedding preparation stress, Our Marriage Vows' aesthetically pleasing and unique stationery aims not only to protect your precious documents, but also make your celebration special and blissful.

Our Marriage Vows Certificate & Rings Holder series is elegant and practical. Ribbon tied to the Holder functions as Wedding Rings Holder. Our Marriage Vows Certificate & Vows Holder includes a pocket to protect Wedding Vows scripts, serves as a reminder of the couple's promise to each other. Our Marriage Vows Guests Books collect photos and warm wishes penned by your wedding guests. Available in a range of colours, you will find one that matches your wedding theme.

About ExquisiteLi

ExquisiteLi aims to make your celebratory event special and delightful, for you and everyone who partakes in it. Whether it's a wedding celebration, a baby shower, or any other gifting occasion, at Exquisiteli, we have your recipients in mind.

Brands under the ExquisiteLi umbrella include :
* Our Marriage Vows - Wedding Stationery
* Salud - Babies & Kids Stationery (coming soon...)
* ExquisiteLi - Gift Packs


Express the gesture of thanks and appreciation to friends and loved ones with specially curated gift packs from ExquisiteLi. Whether it's a wedding celebration to thank your Best Men and Bridesmaids, a baby shower to thank your friends and relatives, or any other gifting occasion, at Exquisiteli we put together gift packs with your recipients in mind, so you can enjoy your celebration with an ease of mind.